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Why SETO Tech
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Why SETO Tech

SETO Tech can build products to suit your every need whether high mix, low or high volume or high complexity requirements with flexible final test processes built for each product.

Acting as “Your Eyes and Ears” and Offshore Engineering - Design - Manufacturing - Turnkey Facility, we are capable of meeting all your requirements and product datelines at lower than competitive prices while delivering world class quality service and products.

SETO Tech can assist your business as the right partner and project manager by offering our combined contractor facilities, expertise, service and capabilities for all your outsourcing needs as listed below.

  • One stop contact window for ease of communication and fast response for problem solving and advantages over other contract manufacturing services because of SETO Tech’s experience executing of specific instructions and accurate information dissemination

  • Liaison directly through SETO Tech with engineers in your company and any of our contract manufacturers’ technical engineers and resources in our group

  • Manage shipments including drop shipments on time to worldwide destinations and provide tracking details

  • Complete project responsibility to ensure quick turnaround time, every time

  • Established and experience in the industry and off shore project management for over 30 years with head office situated in New York, USA and Asia office located in Penang, Malaysia

  • Resolve issues and responses efficiently, usually by next business day due to our local physical proximity with all our contractors on a 24/7 basis to our overseas customers

  • Low overhead expenses due to our minimal set-up and business relationship with our contractors and suppliers means cost savings for our customers in pricing competitiveness and leverage

  • No capital outlay and investment for our customers for such items as machineries, high maintenance and upgrading costs, prototyping charges and high inventory levels by doing the manufacturing at your SETO Tech offshore facility management service

  • Identify and understanding your products & volume requirements to provide you with the best manufacturer match option with ideal manufacturing resources for efficiency thereby ensuring best cost, productivity and quality for your product

  • Open credit facilities available for approved customers

What We Offer :

Contract Electronic Manufacturing Services  |  Malaysian Contract Manufacturing Services  |  PCB Contract Manufacturing  |  Electronic Outsource Manufacturing Solutions  |  Medical Device Outsource Manufacturing  |  Outsource Engineering Design Services  |  Offshore CNC Machining Services  |  Offshore Engineering Design Services  |  Offshore Manufacturing and Consultancy  |  Turnkey Electronics Manufacturing in Malaysia  |  Turnkey Precision Machining Services  |  Turnkey Project Management in Malaysia  |   Medical Device OEM Manufacturers  |  OEM Electronic Manufacturers  |  OEM Precision Machining Services  |  Custom CNC Machining  |  Custom Medical Device Manufacturers  |  Custom Packaging Solutions